Wigwam, The Performance Sock Company, has been manufacturing socks in the United States since 1905 and has been owned and operated by the Chesebro family for 4 generations. All of their products are knit in their Sheboygan, Wisconsin mill from start to finish. All Wigwam socks come with the satisfaction of knowing that 100 years of quality, innovation and a genuine appreciation of their customers go into every pair. Wigwam knits their socks with each consumer in mind, while keeping the tradition of quality and comfort. Wigwam has two performance technologies Ultimax® Pro and Fusion Pro (formerly known as InGenius). The Wigwam Ultimax® Pro technology is patented to Wigwam and helps with moisture management. It affectively uses both hydrophobic and hydrophilic fibers to move moisture from the foot bottom up and out of the sock allowing your feet to be dry and blister free. The Wigwam Fusion Pro technology is a sock and liner in one using Olefin in the liner and Merino Wool on the outer sock. Both fibers are fused together in the knitting process to prevent slipping and blisters. Both the Wigwam Ultimax® and Fusion technologies have a wear guarantee of two years and are available is several weights, lengths, and sizes.